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Interesting send off?

The following is a true story, it started on 01/20/2014. I don’t really expect anybody to read this, it’s more just for my own sake. I don’t think anything this juicy will ever just fall into my lap again, of course I gotta record the events.

Me? I stay up during all hours of the night and get very few hours of sleep during the day, I have insomnia. It’s nice in a way - It gives me a chance to listen to music, read, or just relax. In live downtown in the city, so when i’m home, sometimes the only quiet I hear is at the latest hours before morning. It doesn’t drive me crazy anymore, when I was a teenager, I couldn’t handle it. I guess you just adjust to it over time. I currently live in a motel, in a little town 3 hours away from my apartment. During the night from 5pm - 12am or 3am, I work at the bar down the street. By the time I wind down from work, it’s breakfast time and I feel guilty for missing breakfast if i’m awake, so I eat. By the time I finally get to sleep (if I even do) it’s afternoon, this is how little sleep I get.

Part A - Introduction

This motel houses many people that stay for long periods of time, this just so happens to be oil country. The room that I stay in is an adjoining room and the doors connecting them, are paper thin. I can pretty much hear every little movement in that room and vise versa I would think.

First, the adjoining room, it houses a pair of sex addicts. We’ll call them “the couple”. Then, the room on the other side of me, houses a gay couple. We’ll call them “the boys”. That room doesn’t adjoin to mine, but I can hear nearly everything that goes on in there through the wall too. They also like to have sex whenever possible.

Part B

Last Monday is when it all started, the day I gave my two-weeks notice. I had the day off, there was nobody in the room next to me and I got some good good sleep. During the afternoon at some point I heard the door next to mine slam and some shuffling around, somebody checked in. I wasn’t really fazed by it, got up to use the bathroom, smoked a bowl and passed out again. I woke up around 11pm and all I could hear was grunting and moaning. I didn’t really care, sex is a good time and you can’t be mad at people for wanting to have a good time. I fell asleep once again, waking up at 5:30am this time. The couple is either still doing it or they’re just doing it again. His alarm goes off, he gets dressed, starts his ridiculously loud diesel truck, comes back in and the couple proceed to have really loud sex (I assume they thought that they wouldn’t be heard over the roar of his engine), then he leaves for work. Yeah, I didn’t put headphones on, whatever, gotta get my entertainment somehow. I hear her bust out the vibrator (because that wasn’t enough already), so I go order breakfast (from the restaurant in the motel) and when I come back I hear the couple having sex again. What the fuck guy? Didn’t you just go to work? As I sat here and ate my breakfast, I could hear people on both sides of me having the time of their lives. I ate as fast as I could and had a long shower, not because I was feeling hot and bothered, but so that the combination of the fan and the shower would drown out the sounds. Thankfully, when I came out, it sounded like everybody had left. I got to listen to the sweet sounds of drum and bass all afternoon before going to work. When I got home it was quite late, Cheap Whiskey Tuesdays are usually pretty busy nights. I think I woke the couple up, I heard some mumbling coming from the girl, then they started having sex. Time came and went, he left for work, I fell asleep. I was drifting in and out of sleep and at one point I could hear two girls talking next door, no big deal, it’s probably just the housekeeper. At another point when I woke up, I thought I could hear sex coming from that room. All I could hear was wetness and near silent moaning. I sat up because I thought I was just imagining things or near sleep dreaming or something, then my bed creaked and my phone fell off. They must’ve heard me, because it stopped. I heard some moving around in there and then a knock on her door “housekeeping!” and not a peep was heard until I left for work again. 

Like I said before, my sleep schedule is fucked, I lay in bed with my tablet or laptop and sometimes drift in and out of sleep. The next couple days were a blur, all I know is the man leaves for work everyday at around 6:45am and doesn’t come home until after I leave for work, which is 5pm. I woke up to what I thought was people having sex coming in that room during the mid-morning almost everyday I think. I also woke up to sex coming from the boys room a lot too, they like to do it in the bathroom, I don’t think they have any idea how much it echoes through my wall. 

Part C - The thoughts running through my head thoughout this past week, in regards to the people in the adjoining room. 

1. I thought i’ve heard a car pull up multiple times and the door open next door then leave sometime later.

2. I thought maybe the guy goes to work and maybe on his lunchbreak he takes a car back to the motel to do his girlfriend.

3. At one point, I thought the girl was leaving when he did and went to a) either work with him, or b) her own job.

4. We have two housekeepers, so naturally, I thought maybe the housekeepers were doing it in that room during the day while there was nobody in there. 

5. I even thought that maybe the housekeeper was going in there and doing the girl. 

I really didn’t think anything of what is going on in that room to be a big deal, nor did I really care, I simply just found it amusing.

Part D

Friday, I wake up at noonish and call the kitchen to order lunch. After I come back from picking it up, the housekeeping cart is outside my room and the two doors across the hall are open. That obviously means that the housekeepers are cleaning, right? This is where thought #4 comes into play, I go into my room and I can hear sex. Not surprised. A while later, the door to that room opens. Vacuum starts across the hall and I hear the girls cell phone ring, the one I know is hers for sure, and I can hear her talking. 

Holy shit. Holy shit. Did that just happen? Nothing this interesting happens in real life.

Shortly after, a car pulls up outside and once again, more sex.

At one point I think I was jealous of this girl, her man coming home during his work day to give it to his girl or the fact that this girl is getting laid as often as I would like to. 

Last Part (for now)

I’ll start this part on early Sunday morning, it’s my day off again. The couple has sex for a few hours and he leaves for work. Not 15 minutes later, a car pulls up and there’s more sex. An hour and a half later, the car leaves. 

It’s now 8am, housekeeping has arrived. I’m pretty sure the girl thinks i’m sleeping, the coast is clear, “housekeeping!”. That’s when it happened. I finally realized that the housekeeper is doing the girl. We’ll call the housekeeper “Andy”. I know Andy, we’ve met tons of times, she works in the motel and she has a very distinctive voice. They were talking quietly, I couldn’t really make out most of their conversation, but I recognized her voice. Then I heard kissing, then they hit the bed. This was some hot and heavy sex and took place throughout the whole day. It absolutely blew my mind that I didn’t realise it before. Andy would clean a room, come eat the girl out, and when Andy wasn’t in the room, the girl would be on that vibrator. I got out of bed at one point and started moving around. The sex stopped, then moving around and just like last Tuesday. Knock, knock, “housekeeping”. I could hear Andy cleaning up stuff, like she’s supposed to, and then started the vacuum. I heard her vacuum the entire room then kinda just left the vacuum running while she proceeded to do things to this girl. 

Andy has a two-part job. She cleans the rooms when day shift leaves, at 8am and then comes back at 6 or 7pm when night shift leaves, to clean their rooms.

Once again, a car pulls up, sex coming from the room beside me again, car leaves. Andy comes back for night shift and I finally pieced it together. She parks over here before and after her shift to have sex with the girls and then drives her car around to the other side for her shift, very sneaky, good job. So Andy is “on shift” (doing girl obviously) and i’m catching some z’s. I was startled awake when the man came home from work to somebody hooking up with his girl, in his bed. I don’t know if the girls lost track of time or if the guy came home early from work.. There was yelling, a door slam and he left. I slept some more but everytime I woke up, i’d look outside to see if his truck had come back. It’s now 3:30am, his truck never came back and I can hear moans of passion coming from the room next door.

For now, that’s all there is to this story. This could be the last of it or maybe more events will unfold, who knows?

For now, i’ll just keep going on being the calm, sexless center of the crazy universe that surrounds me.

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